Friends are making me realize more and more how much of a Diva I am. Yes. Diva deserves to be capitalized. Get into it.
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  • Fierce and love! I've looked far and wide for black male natural hair bloggers and you just happened to be black and gay like me and that me very happy! I've decided to grow my hair out. Usually i would get low cut Caesars... The last time I grew my hair out I think i overdid it.. But this time I want to do it right. What are some tips for locking in moisture? I have low porosity hair and i think my texture is a 4c but I'm not sure because it usually grows straight..

    Layering your moister helps. Start with water to dampen, some leave-in conditioner, and a butter to seal. Shea butter works very well for type 4 hair.

    I gotta start posting my videos on here! I was featured on and and I also talk about my new loc extensions.



    Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

    This is very important. I’m glad both of them had this moment. Raven has been working and grinding longer than most of us have been able to talk and walk. She deserves all the praises.

    Keke irked my damn soul. Raven was puzzled like “Girl, you all right?”

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    The Super Green

    Powerful detox action masquerades as another delicious shake from Prevention's Lori Powell (it's pictured here with the Berry Breakfast Smoothie.) The celery and parsley that contribute to its bright green color are diuretics that help rinse toxins from your system. Kale and mango are superfoods bursting with nutrition that support your cleanse.

    Serves 2

    PREP TIME: 15 minutes

    TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes

    1¼ cups chopped kale leaves (stems and tough rib removed), preferably Lacinato (also known as dinosaur)
    1¼ cups frozen cubed mango
    2 medium ribs celery, chopped
    1 cup chilled fresh tangerine or orange juice
    ¼ cup chopped flat-leaf parsley
    ¼ cup chopped fresh mint

    COMBINE all ingredients in blender.

    PUREE until smooth.

    POUR into 2 chilled glasses.

    NUTRITION (per serving): 160 cal, 3 g protein, 39 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 0.5 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 56 mg sodium

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