Friends are making me realize more and more how much of a Diva I am. Yes. Diva deserves to be capitalized. Get into it.
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  • There is no white people and black people, there are only people, and they have bodies..




    Race is an illusion, we are NOT separate.

    The very etymology, the meaning behind the word ‘race’, reveals the purpose in its creation. It implies that our lives are lived in the motions of a race. That there is a winner, and a loser. the truth is, there isn’t. It is a word…

    The diversity of our skins shouldn’t be ignored. Equality and justice isn’t reached by overlooking and ignoring the problem. It is not an illusion and we are seperate. Are lives is a “race” life itself is a competition. Since the dawn of time from an evolutionary perspective the fittest would surpass the less fit. There is nothing wrong with identifying with and celebrating race and the diversity of humans. The problem stems from centuries of oppression and an unjust social system that you fail to see.



    The only people that can and do say this are white people with their privilege and all.

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